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​I am sorry that there seems to be a miscommunication and misunderstanding regarding your service call. As you can see by our posted hours, we are not open on Saturday or Sunday, so Monday would have been our soonest availability.  In the case of emergencies or secondary damage, your warranty company does have alternative companies that they are able to dispatch for after hours and weekends if you just let them know the severity of the situation.



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reviewed a year ago (2012)

They were friendly fast and affordable. Will definally call again for any plumbing needs

 reviewed 2 years ago (2011)

Rooter Rite was send out the first time by my Warranty Company. I needed Plumbing service again recently, and didn't  hesitate to track down my Rooter Rite magnet! My experiences with this company have been very positive. Service is prompt, courteous, convenient and HONEST! They'll even give you advice over the phone is the issue is simple! I'd recommend to anyone looking for good plumbing help!

reviewed 2 years ago (2011)

Plumber came out to fix a leak, only needed a bolt tightened, I paid $70.00 which is reasonable for the visit and time.   He said if the leak came back I could call and the $70.00 would go towards the cost of the replacement parts and time. 

Very friendly and courteous. They were the only one out 6 plumbers I called that were willing to give a rough estimate.

reviewed 3 years ago (2010)

Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service. You responded quickly to fix my plumbing problem, kept in 
touch to keep me updated (so rare!), left everything clean and, knowing my circumstances, tried to keep the costs
down. I would be very happy to provide a reference for you if you need it.             Thanks again, KF - Reno, NV‎‎

reviewed 3 years ago (2010)

customer service was amazing found out that i could have killed myself numerous times trying to change the water 
heater out. anyhow to make a long story short he saved me about 450 bucks so who could really be angry with that.

[Rated 5.0 out of 5.0]  By lea - Jan 6, 2010

Rooter Rite is the company to call! I had a water heater that kept leaking and after several different plumbing companies came out and kept replacing the same part (the pressure valve) without resolving the problem I was at my wits end. The last straw came when the most recent plumber said the water heater was shot and needed replacement at a cost of more than $500.00!

My friend suggested that I call ROOTER RITE and their plumber diagnosed my water heater. The water heater was working great (other than the leak) and he explained how a water heater works. He installed an expansion tank (which I found out later was required by Washoe County as building code! - none of the other plumbers were apparently aware of that), was out of there in under an hour and in under $150.00.

If you need an affordable, quality plumber, call Rooter Rite.

Posted on 01/06/10

Review: Excellent service for reasonable price                                    5 stars

Posted on Merchant Circle 12/08/09                                                       Rating:   5

Text: “They are very efficient with their work. Took them about 2 hours to diagnose the problem,    
fix two toilets, and a sink. Highly recommended!!”

 From:  Jon C of Reno, NV on December 08, 2009   


Todd      [Rated 1.0 out of 5.0]  By blanken - Oct 21, 2009
This guys website said $130.00 for a roof drain cleanout. What he doesn't tell you on his website is all the pile on extra charges like $25.00 difficulty charge and the $45.00 extra man charge,and since he had to go 20 feet in the air with the cable and 20 feet back down the vent thats 40' unused cable that I had to pay for?

            Posted on 12/03/08

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us! As a matter of fact, we were so concerned about this review that we pulled our job records, however we could not find any job that matches Mr. Blanken/Todd's description. Perhaps the review was meant for another company?

Our website does indeed state that a mainline run from a roof vent is $130.00.  It is!  That's it, that's all, $130.00. The difficult access charge is already included in the $130.00 price, under no circumstances would an additional difficult access charge be added for this service.

While at times, a second man may be necessary for safety or if a stoppage was  being particularly difficult, since it's inception Rooter Rite has yet to require a second man on any drain cleaning job.

As far as "unused" cable, there is no such thing. If an additional 40' of cable is required to be pulled from the machine in order to reach the only access point (such as a roof vent) to the mainline, then that amount of cable is being used.   
                                                                                                                         RR 11/01/09

 Provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM          Exceptional

        Professional & friendly

        Posted by MSRENO on 07/27/2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 taking a moment to comment on the plumber (Rooter Rite) who came out for service call at my home. Rooter Rite/George contacted us quickly after placing a service request online at their website. 
He arrived when he said he would and quickly fixed the issues we had while explaining what was wrong and how potentially we could avoid/repair ourselves if needed. We have worked with Rooter Rite on a past call several months ago and also had a similar positive experience. An additional factor, which is important for us, is that they are friendly  and personable as well as professional.

        - M.S. Reno, Nv


 Provided by YELLOWPAGES.COM                 Exceptional


        Posted by CharmaineMarie on 11/25/2008

11/25/08 Fast professional service. I’m a property manager for multiple retail center and we had had a preventative maintenance contract with another plumber but continued to have issues with a restaurant drain continually backing up (sometimes with a week or two after it was supposedly cleared). Finally decided to try another company and called Rooter Rite. They came out and cleared the drain, explained to my tenant the cause of the clog and the best way to avoid future problems. We have since discontinued the services of the other company and use Rooter rite exclusively for drain cleaning and maintenance on our properties.

   Fast and Courteous 

         [Rated 5.0 out of 5.0]  By DonMari - Aug 24, 2008

My upstairs bathtub wasn't draining properly. Tried the draino route and it had no results. Called Rooter Rite from a Google search, went to their website and saw their upfront price list.  The plumber arrived promptly, cleared my drain quickly, left my bathroom immaculate and there were no surprises in the price. Very reasonable prices and professional service. Would recommend to anyone on a budget

              Posted on 08/24/08

Quality customer service                                                              

  [Rated 5.0 out of 5.0]  By Allison - Jul 22, 2008

  We had an issue with a line that kept backing up on one of our properties. We had had another company out there several times to clear the line, but within a week it was backed up again (We even had a preventative maintenance program set up with that company). Finally got fed up with them and looked around for another   company. We called Rooter Rite and I couldn't believe the difference in customer service. Fast response, great communication with our office AND the tenant. The line is now open and clear. No more calls from an upset tenant! I would recommend this company to anyone who manages properties. They are definitely going on MY 
vendor list!!!

   Posted on 07/22/08